Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to show you why E-Z Masonry Inc. is the ideal choice for your upcoming project.  Being that concrete is the most abundant building material on the planet, and masonry structures continue to stand the test of time, E-Z Masonry has also stood the test of time. For more than 25 years we have provided the Highland Park area and surrounding neighborhoods with the highest level of concrete and masonry service available.  Over the years our equipment has changed and the size and depth of our staff has expanded, but our commitment to quality work and customer satisfaction has and will remain the same.

Founder Kevin Ramirez has over 30 years in the industry and was appointed by former Mayor Randy Kelly to serve on the St Paul Board of Examiners for the Concrete, Masonry & Cement Finishers Licensing process.  E-Z Masonry Inc. is a state licensed Residential Building Contractor certified in the Central Certification Program (CERT) as both Minority and Small Business Enterprise (MBE & SBE).

Our mission has been two-fold: first, to provide exceptional craftsmanship in all of our services at prices that reflect the quality of our work, and secondly, to continually meet or exceed the high expectations of our clients. It is through our clients' testimonials of satisfaction that our reputation is shored up on a job-by-job basis.

We know there may be others who strive to provide top quality service and craftsmanship in this timeless trade, but our distinguishing characteristic continues to be the value added service we provide on every project no matter its size.  With E-Z Masonry Inc. you can expect attention to detail at every step of your project, beginning with well thought-out proposals and specifications, followed by professional and courteous team members who are engaged to see your project and property handled in a manner that demonstrates shared ownership.  “Act as if it were your home": This often forgotten adage is our mantra and has been the core of our philosophy for service delivery since our humble beginnings.

Your site will be maintained in a clean and orderly manner from start to finish to ensure  the improvements we make are not offset by unnecessary mess or impact during construction. As a result of sharing ownership in every project, we have forged close ties with local residents and businesses, as evidenced by our loyal customer base and strong referrals.

We also strive for minimal environmental impact by always separating our true waste from other misplaced resources for proper recycling, by operating within smaller geographic boundaries, using minimal to no volatile organic chemicals (VOC's), and by optimizing and coordinating our operation to minimize wasted trips and effort.  We will continue to seek ways to deliver our goods and services in a manner that demonstrates the utmost respect for the world we live in.

Services Offered

Gutter Cleaning, Snow Removal

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