The Bodyworker was opened to separate itself from the over saturated spa-like environments. There are no fancy slippers, no singing whales or Enya playing in the background.   Mini waterfalls make clients think to use the bathroom, and no harmonious sounds of two sea gulls negotiating over the remains of a fish'n'chip order either.  Here at The Bodyworker you will experience highly trained Therapist's whose goal centralizes around the comprehension of Anatomy, and the Kinesthetics behind pain and/or injury.


If you are suffering from chronic pain, we go above and beyond for you, not only by creating a space focused on you. We've spend years researching what clients are missing in the health care system. By an overwhelming amount of feedback, our unique protocols provide you extended consultation times, full hands on sessions and many amenities like aromatherapy, quality music already included in our rates.


201 E Hennepin Ave, Northeast Minneapolis, Minneapolis, MN 55414, USA

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