The name “Tiny Sandman” comes from two of founder Michael Anderson’s nicknames. He earned the name “Sandman” while playing in the local parks as a boy and it’s a reminder of playing sports outside and hanging out with friends. “Tiny” stuck in his early 20s when he grew up to be anything but tiny. Together the two names evoke his love of the outdoors, being around people, and creating tangible results.

Michael was born and raised in South Minneapolis, graduating from Roosevelt High School and entering the University of Minnesota’s Pre-Med program in the late 1980s. In school, he realized that medicine wasn’t his calling and began to explore other options. His uncle’s business laying concrete and working on seasonal jobs caught his interest because of the opportunity to see the visible results of his work. After working with his uncle for a number of years and doing thorough research, he decided to start his own business.

Tiny Sandman’s Inc. was founded in 2006 with Anderson working out of the back of his Yukon. It quickly grew to a nine-person company, including a three-person lawn-care team, a three-person snow removal team, an irrigation system specialist and a carpenter.  The company works throughout the Minneapolis area, serving homeowners and property managers with everything from routine lawn maintenance and snow removal to kitchen and bathroom remodels.

Services Offered

Gutter Cleaning, Snow Removal

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