Minnesota's first brewery was also the first in the Midwest to "lager" their beers the Bavarian way.  Anthony Yoerg was from Germany and knew the secret to great beer was cold fermentation and aging it in cool cellars.  The Yoerg brewery was never the biggest in the state, or even the city of Saint Paul for that matter. They produced 35,000 barrels of beer in 1890 and 35,000 barrels of beer in 1948.  The family was long renowned for producing Minnesota's finest beers, and that was all that mattered to them.

The Yoergs brewed four beers with the greatest care, patience and focus, just as their ancestors did in Bavaria.  A powerful, hearty Lager was the flagship brand, a dark seasonal bock released every Spring, a powerful winter double bock they labeled simply "Strong" and a crisp, snappy Pilsner they called "Picnic" Beer for the summer months.

We haven't changed a thing.   Yoerg's 'Flagship' beer is still 'steam brewed' and is just as robust as the original, with a delightful roasty/toasty flavor that just sings Saint Paul.  The dark bock will be a year round item, rich, full-flavored with a hearty chocolate/coffee bean note.  The Strong is a doppelbock of the highest order, only brewed while the weather is shitty and the super crisp Picnic Beer is only available when you don't have to wear a jacket.  These beers are the epitome of the city where they were originally born, and have been painstakingly reborn.


378 Maria Ave, Saint Paul, MN 55106, USA

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