Concha burger from El Norte Kitchen

The Best 10 Burgers in the Twin Cities Right Now

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From Lowertown of Saint Paul to Minneapolis, and beyond to suburbs like Anoka, these are the best burgers in the Twin Cities right now presented in no particular order.

I fell in love with it from the very first bite many years ago. I love an egg on a burger but the smoked pancetta is the star. Harissa aioli is on point and help balance this very rich burger.

The blend of ribeye, brisket, and chuck are what make this burger so delightful, it’s simple and to the point with white American melted over the top.

This burger is just as ridiculous as it looks!

It features house-made mac sauce, Kool-aid pickles, lettuce, a 6oz burger patty and a 7oz chicken thigh!

The chicken is crunchy and perfectly seasoned and it sits on a nest of melted cheese and beef.

It is the best of two great sandwiches rolled into one!

There is honestly no need for an explanation here, two burgers covered in American cheese stacked on top of one another the same way that Lion’s Tap has been doing it forever.

60/40 burger from Red Cow
Courtesy of Red Cow

60/40-this truly is a fantastic burger. Red Cow opened their first location off of 50th and France in 2013 and completely changed the burger game in the Twin CIties. 

The 60/40 is their flagship burger with 60% ground angus and 40% ground bacon.  It’s topped with Wisconsin cheddar, beer mustard, and candied bacon.

PB and Jay burger from Brick and Bourbon
Courtesy of Brick and Bourbon

PB and Jay – this is my kind of burger. It’s ridiculous and delicious! The patty is topped with habanero jack and thick cut bacon. It’s served and a honey glazed donut with sriracha pomegranate marmalade and BOURBON peanut butter. It’s basically a big kids PB&J. 

This creation is over the top and I absolutely love it. Beef patty, chorizo patty, split hot dog, ham, bacon, egg, avocado, pickled peppers…I mean come on!!

First of all, if you have not been to Jellybean & Julia’s, get in your car and go…like right now! 

Their BBQ game is legit, but they have amazing burgers as well. Bacon, cheddar, caramelized onions, roasted garlic mayo, chunky peanut butter and a fried egg. 

The combo of garlic mayo and peanut butter is life changing!

Courtesy of Leo's Melt

For starters, going to Leo’s Grill & Malt Shop is like going back in time to the 1950’s. The sear on their burgers is fantastic.  

The Leo’s Melt is seared with bacon and onions, served on delicious buttery grilled sourdough with American cheese. It’s available in 1/3 or 1/2 pound. If you are a fan of Malts and shakes the butterscotch is amazing.

Courtesy of Revival

Everybody knows about Revival for their delicious and instagramable fried chicken. Turns out, their Revival burger is absolutely out of this world as well.

You are gonna wanna turn a double or a triple play with the patties here. The burger features perfectly-made smash patties that are charred and salty, yet still juicy.

The cheese is gooey and the touch of mayo is spot on.

Courtesy of Groveland Tap

Groveland Tap has long been one of my favorite burger joints, I even cooked there many years ago. The turkey burger is hands down my favorite turkey burger around. 

Two things really make it for me. First, they put ground peanuts in the patty. Second, the poblano pesto is one of my all time favorite sauces. The turkey burger is available at some of Groveland’s sister stores but I’ve always liked Groveland’s best.

Concha burger from El Norte Kitchen
Courtesy of Derrick Koch/El Norte Kitchen

 El Norte Kitchen is well known around town for their burrito pop ups, but they currently have a food truck on the way so…fingers crossed!

Their Concha Burger is served on a traditional Mexican concha roll with a Peterson beef patty. It’s topped with their amazing homemade pepper jack, bacon, pickled red onion, and jalapeños.

What are your top ten burgers right now?

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