The Best Fish and Chips in the Twin Cities

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Seafood and shellfish runs in my veins and my soul.

Growing by the Chesapeake Bay, I’ve taking that for granted.

After a lifetime of traveling, I’ve found that there is nothing that can satisfy quite like a solid fish and chips.

When I first moved to the Twin Cities, Google and many locals led me to Anchor and Stella’s Fish and Chips.

They were wonderful, they were great, they were just what I needed.

Now, what else is out there??

The Twin Cities has a proud and honest food scene, and I’m still trying to nosh it all in.

Meanwhile here are my favorite fish and chips so far that are a little off the beaten path.

Courtesy of Yelp

Spot-on Fish & Chips in a spot-on Irish bar. Win-win. 

Fluffy yeasty Guinness batter. Flaky, fatty Atlantic Cod. Served over a heap of glistening “chips” in a paper lined basket. 

Wash it down a pint for the Triple win. 


Courtesy of Jonah’s Cajun Seafood/Wings N’ Things

The neighborhood corner carryout. These are the gems I seek.

This actually is my neighborhood spot, and the lemon pepper catfish has me coming back. 

They start with two fresh catfish fillets–nothing worse than mushy, muddy catfish–dredged in a bright lemon pepper cornmeal flour, fried golden. 

The fish arrives firm and dense in its new savory cornmeal jacket. The house cajun fries bring just enough spice to let you know you’re alive. 

A sip of sweet tea and you will be in heaven.

Courtesy of Artisan Plaza

Just a quick ride out of the metro and worth it for the walleye. 

I’m learning to like the fish Minnesotans love. There is nothing to not like here. They Source their fish from an indigenous rights fishery in Ontario (walleye is not commercially available in Minnesota) properly seasoned and dressed fillets are dipped in a fragrant ale batter and fried to order. 

The batter fries light and crispy, steaming the sweet tender fish inside. They give the same treatment to flaky hunks of cod. Rounded out with thick cut fries, hand mixed slaw and tangy tartar, either way you can’t go wrong

Pictured: Cod special available during Lent. 

Courtesy of Octo fishbar

Some call it sunny, Sunfish, or bluegill; I call it a true Minnesota treat. 

Octo fishbar brings in seafood from all over the world, and serves it respectably. Their shore lunch Sunnies are the perfect, petite, lightly dusted, golden-fried tribute to Minnesota. 

No fancy sauces or dips needed here. 

Squeeze of a lemon wedge and a few dashes of hot sauce and I’m transported to my childhood summers at the cabin…..had i grown up here

Courtesy of Brenda Johnson and The Lowbrow

Best known for their burgers, The Lowbrow caters to pescatarians too. This scratch kitchen stays true to form with their fish and chips. 

Daily fresh cod cut into thin strips, buttermilk soaked, and panko crumb coated. Served crispy and crunchy over a nice pile of hand-cut fries. Creamy long cut coleslaw and chunky tartar bring this one home.

What are your top fish and chips right now?

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