The Best Pancakes in the Twin Cities

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I have always loved pancakes. Growing up, the smell of pancakes from the kitchen was always the sign of a special Saturday or Sunday morning. Sometimes, after church, we would pile into our family’s green suburban and grab breakfast at the Copper Dome (RIP) on Randolph. I would ALWAYS get the pancakes with a side of meat and eggs. The cakes were always the star.

Since then, I have had the chance to travel quite a bit. I have eaten pancakes in multiple states and multiple states of sobriety. When I am in the Twin Cities, here are some of my favorite spots to grab pancakes.

1. Brunson's Pub

I took one bite of these pancakes and I put my fork down.

I had questions.

Why the fuck are these pancakes so good? How?

They are perfectly crispy on the outside due to the caramelization of of the sugars in the batter. Chef Torrance Beavers, the person responsible for this deliciousness, says that many cooks make the mistake of using too much oil on the griddle. This prevents the caramelization that makes these cakes so special.

They are topped off with a whipped emulsion of butter, bourbon and maple syrup.

The trickiest part about these pancakes: they are only available at special times during brunch. Follow Brunson’s Pub on social media for updates on current specials.

2. The French Hen Cafe

If you have not been to the French Hen Cafe for breakfast, you are missing out on one of Saint Paul’s gems. As a pancake lover, this is go-to spot.

In particular, they have a giant blueberry pancake that is absolutely perfect. With blue

3. The Uptowner Cafe on Grand

The Uptowner has a 

4. Hope Breakfast Bar

There is honestly no need for an explanation here, two burgers covered in American cheese stacked on top of one another the same way that Lion’s Tap has been doing it forever.

5. Al's Breakfast

60/40-this truly is a fantastic burger. Red Cow opened their first location off of 50th and France in 2013 and completely changed the burger game in the Twin CIties. 

What are your favorite pancakes in the Twin Cities right now?

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