The North Loop Just Got Tastier

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If you have ever wanted to eat a chicken “wrib”, now you can!

Thigh Times is the latest concept by Jared and Jen Brewington. The entrepreneurial couple has pivoted since closing South Minneapolis, Funky Grits—which will re-open as a cafe concept.

According to Jared, “We have a cravable chicken thigh that looks like a wing and eats like a rib so it’s a very very big, succulent bite,”

Customers can choose from a selection of 9 delicious sauces and rubs. We tried the Carolina BBQ and they have a delightfully sweet flavor without too much spice.

On the side, Thigh Times offers a house fry which is cut almost like a hojo. They are perfect for dipping in one of their signature sauces. They also feature sweet potato fries.

Courtesy of Wrecktangle Pizza's Facebook

Next door to Thigh Times, making Detroit-style pizza is Wrecktangle Pizza.

The first restaurant in the Twin Cities serve this unique regional style of pizza, it is the favorite of Chef Jeff Rogers.


“My favorite style of pizza is Detroit-style pizza. The rectangle shape, the crown of cheese and the crust…”

Their pepperoni pizza is other-worldly amazing.

Plenty of curled, thick-cut pepperoni on a crust that will remind you of foccasia.

Pickled peppers made with Cry Baby Craig’s hot sauce add an additional pop to the flavor.

They also don’t go light on the cheese or the sauce.

Chef Jeff explains what makes the cheese so special.

“a mixture of low-moisture mozzarella and Wisconsin brick cheese [is] built all the way to the edge, so when it cooks you’ve got the nice crust from the cheese along the edges that like builds up the walls of the pan. Then it usually has sauce that’s hot already put on top, then it’s cut and served like that.”

The other two concepts opening in the North Loop will serve Hawaiian food and a fusion concept inspired by Asian street food and New Orleans.

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