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Your Puppy Will Love These Twin Cities Patios

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With summer quickly approaching in the Twin Cities, everyone wants to spend as much time on the patio as possible. Below are some of my favorite patios to visit with my puppy, Cole.


A spacious taproom in the Harrison neighborhood of Minneapolis that’s fun and family-friendly, which even provides a beer garden for you to relax with your fur-baby! 

You can enjoy a private event or other social entertainment. 


A couple of refreshing beer options I liked were the Hefeweizen (Ewald the Golden), and the raspberry-infused Pontoon Afternoon.

Located in Cathedral Hill and famed to be one of the largest patio in the Twin Cities, The Gnome makes you fall in love with menu items like brussel sprouts with pork belly, or the duck wings. 

Trust me when I tell you, get the green curry and mango as the sauce options for your wings.

Sometimes you just want to have a hard seltzer, you know? That is why I love going to Bauhaus, because I can choose from Dragonfruit, Cherry or Mango and meet new dog friends. Now is also great time to enjoy some of their sours, and other taproom favorites.

This was the first place I tasted a sour beer and I’ll keep coming back for more (and the doggie too). 

The Roselle is my favorite sour, but I can easily be swayed with their Printing Money (Saison) or the Hefeweizen. 

I love that the regulars who come by Fair State welcomes a diverse scene of both dogs and owners!

With thatched coverings, tiki drinks, and a space that looks like you’re stranded somewhere tropical, why wouldn’t you want to grab your Hawaiian shirt, shades, and hit the door with your pup in tow? 

You won’t find a better place to have a tiki drink like their Native’s Curse, or Siren’s Call. 

I know I go to Psycho Suzi’s mainly for drinks and people/dog watching, but I am never mad about having some tasty appetizers too!

What are your favorite patios to take your pup to?

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